About Us

About Rotex Pharma

Our History Rotex Pharma Pvt. Ltd., having its registered office at Plot # 206 & 207, Industrial Triangle, Kahuta Road, Islamabad is a pharmaceuticals manufacturing facility based in Islamabad, Pakistan. Rotex Pharma was incorporated in 2004 and went into production in 2010. Rotex Pharma was set up with the following mission in mind.
Manufacture the highest quality medicines at affordable prices in order to provide good health care to the masses.
Rotex Pharma was set up with great aspirations of quality in mind; hence, no expense was spared to purchase the highest quality machinery and to hire the right expertise for each process. We are proud to say that the manufacturing and quality-control facilities at Rotex Pharma are one of the best in the country. With this kind of manufacturing facilities we can not only cater to the local market but also to others abroad. We want to prove that Pakistan is fully capable of consistently producing world class medicines. Hence, our vision is to:
Attain and maintain the highest level of quality to be able to reach all local and global markets.”
These are no small goals and we are strongly committed to achieving them. Our consistent effort is focused on achieving the
  • Highest Standard of Production
  • Greatest Possible Quality Product
  • Strength & Stability of all operational processes
  • Safe, secure and healthy environment for our workers
  • Protection of the environment
Honesty, hard work, dedication and team work are the core values of our organization. We inculcate these in our employees and extend them in our services to our clients. We believe that our goals can only be achieved if we work with mutual respect with our suppliers, employees and customers.  
Rotex Pharma received its Drug Manufacturing License in 2009 for General Non-Sterile Tablet and Capsule Sections. We have been actively manufacturing a variety of products ever since. In March 2017, our dedicated Cephalosporin, Carbapenem and Oncology sections were approved and licensed by Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP). In October 2018, we received approval and license of our General Sterile, General Non-Sterile, and dedicated Steroid sections. In April 2020, we received approval and license of our dedicated Biologicals Section for rDNA, Non-rDNA and Vaccine products.

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We’re happy to help. If you have any questions regarding a product or an order, please feel free to reach out to us at info@domain.com.

Dosage Forms For Each Licensed Section

The details of the sub-section and dosage forms for each licensed section can be viewed below:

1.       General Non-Sterile I

1.       Tablet

2.       Capsule

2.       General Non-Sterile II

1.       Tablet

2.       Capsule

3.       Sachet

4.       Cream

5.       Ointment

6.       Lotion

7.       Gel

8.       Oral Liquid Syrup & Suspension

9.       Oral Dry Powder Suspension

3.       General Sterile Liquid & Dry Powder

1.       Eye Drops

2.       Ear Drops

3.       Liquid Vials SVP

4.       Liquid Ampoule SVP

5.       Liquid Vial SVP (X-ray Contrast Media)

6.       Dry Powder SVP Lyophilized Ready-to-Fill

7.       Dry Powder SVP

4.       Carbapenem

1.       Dry Powder SVP Lyophilized Ready-to-Fill

5.       Cephalosporin

1.       Capsule Cephalosporin Section

2.       Oral Dry Powder Suspension Cephalosporin Section

3.       Dry Powder Vial  Cephalosporin Section

6.       Oncology

1.       Tablet Oncology

2.       Capsule Oncology

3.       Liquid Vial SVP Oncology

4.       Liquid Ampoule SVP Oncology

5.       Dry Powder Vial Oncology

7.       Steroid

1.       Dry Powder Vial Steroid

2.       Liquid Ampoule Steroid

3.       Eye Drops Steroid

4.       Ear Drops Steroid

8.       Biologicals

1.       rDNA facility

2.       Non-rDNA facility

3.       Vaccines facility

Dosage Forms

These sections produce the following dosage forms: